We are the best car registration and renewal provider with a California DMV license (CA DMV OL # 94568). Our unparalleled services feature super-fast and easy online vehicle registration. Simply tap into our website, and renew your vehicle registration. We work hard to craft a new era of technology, and to put it simply, we are here to help.

Quick Processing

We know you don’t have all the time in the world. So, ditch those long queues to get your vehicle tags and reach out to us. We process your vehicle registration renewal faster than you could ever imagine.

Instant Printable Tag

Once your order is shipped, you can print a copy of your registration certificate which will be sent to you via email. Carry it with you until the hard copy arrives, and then you could keep it as a keepsake.

Registration Certificate Replacement

In case you end up losing your registration certificate, reach out to us. We would provide you with a free one-time replacement for every year you renew the registration through us.

Sticker Replacement

If you end up getting your sticker or plate stolen, use your free replacement credit for renewing your registration with us to claim a replacement.

Customer Service And Support

Our panel of customer service and support team is always at your assistance through phone or email. Get in touch with us from Monday through Friday from 9 am to 5 pm to get all your queries cleared.

Assistance For Registration Issues

Suspended license and parking tickets are some of the many issues that can keep you from being able to get your registration renewed. When you join hands with them, we find these issues at the earliest and resolve them to get your renewed registration in hand.

Our motive is to be the one stop solution for all your vehicle registration related services. CarRenewals offers you a really convenient way to replace your registration sticker quickly. We are a private agency licensed by California DMV, providing the fastest and easiest sticker replacement.

Simple and Fast Sticker Replacement

Replacing your registration sticker has never been this simple and fast. We know that a lot of people lose their stickers when they least expect it. We also know that they will love to replace it without any stress. This is the reason why we are here. CarRenewals redefines the registration sticker replacement process.

Stress-free Sticker Replacement

If you have ever replaced your sticker, you will know exactly why you need a company that makes it easier. Registration sticker processes are usually stressful processes but that changes when you deal with CarRenewals.

Use of Technology

Use of technology at CarRenewals is always up-to-date and this is one of the reasons why we can provide quick services.

Order from Any Device

All you need to do is to order for this service. You can order for your registration sticker from anywhere and on any device. Once the device allows internet access, you can access our website. We will process your order and have it delivered to you. CarRenewals makes the process you detested easy and convenient. We know that you do not have enough time to deal with your daily issues and we do not want you to add a stressful registration sticker process to it. This is why we will do all the work for you. What are you waiting for? Order for your sticker from us.

Customer-friendly Support and Service

Reach our customer support and service team via phone or email for any issue that you have. Know the status of your order and answers to all your queries in no time.

CarRenewals is licensed by California DMV to provide lost title replacement service. We make use of technology to make the process fast, easy and time saver. With our modern technology, you can replace your lost title quickly without stress.

Redefined Lost Title Replacement

Is your title lost or damaged? We know that many people hate it when they need to replace their titles. We are sure you hate it too. That is definitely because you have not tried our services. When you deal with CarRenewals, the experience is different. The only effort you will need to put into the lost title replacement process is to place an order.

Easy Title Replacement

Once you place an order, you can leave the rest to us. We will ensure that you replace your lost title in the most convenient way.

Title Replacement in No Time

We know how much you need your title and we will help you to get it on time. When you contact CarRenewals, you do not need to waste a lot of time in an attempt to get your title.

Use of Technology

We have the latest technology to make lost title replacement easy like never.

Printed Title at Doorstep

The good thing is that you do not need to pick it up. We will deliver it to your doorstep. We can also provide a printed title when you need one.

Customer Support

Whether your problem is big or small, with customer support services of CarRenewals, you’ll get quick and efficient help at every touch point.
When you think of convenience, think of CarRenewals